Friday, May 3, 2013

Pacific Rim.  When I first heard that title I was like "Huh?".  Then I saw the teaser trailer.  Let me see here.  Giant monsters?  Giant robots? Guillermo Del Toro?  SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!  (coins tossed onto screen! um, yes, coins. times is hard.)  Aw man, this beckons back to the Godzilla days where monsters came to crush little toy cars, cities and army tanks while the little human people scrambled around to find a way to fight back against something so big and prehistoric.  Add a dash of modern day special effects, well, actually a ton of modern day special effects and you got yourself one must see monsters vs. robots movie. The robots alone look quite amazing, you almost don't even need the monsters tossed into it. Imagine if the movie was based on giant robots vs. giant robots. (hmm, maybe part two!) Either way this film looks amazing and this newest trailer does it justice. My favorite line:
"Tonight we are cancelling the Apocalypse!"