Saturday, April 27, 2013

Man Of Steel Trailer 3


When I discovered they were creating yet another Superman reboot I spatted what most comic/superhero/geek/movie goers spat.  We all said, "Really? Again?".  I was just as confused as everyone else.   I thought Bryan Singer made a respectable remake with 'Superman Returns'.  The airplane rescue was fantastic.  I'm OK with a continuation.  And technically this may very well be it.  The first trailer made it appear to be otherwise.  I thought, are there not enough superheroes in the realms of super heroism that we were to be shown the same tale as we have already been shown?  Bah! Bah!  I say!

Then I witnessed trailer 3.

Darn you movie Gods.  Darn you all to heck!  How dare you make me want to see the 3rd revision of a comic book character over 70 years old?

It's really quite simple I guess.  Even after all this time and with all the gazillions of heroes created on paper or film none have quite pulled at our inner super than Superman.  And being able to see the origin, life and challenges of being a super human being in updated HD movie magic cannot be ignored.

One of the best scenes from the original Superman the movie was having Jor-El (Marlon Brando) place his son in the ship capsule to save his son from the exploding Krypton.  From the trailer we can see Marlon has been replaced with Russell Crowe.  As in the first movie the parents lament over saving their son by sending them to a planet they consider to be 'primitive' (not far from the truth).  One of the best lines in this trailer is at that scene where Superman's mother states that he will be an outcast on our planet to the point of possibly being feared and destroyed to which Jor-El responds in puzzlement..."How?".  How could we destroy that which is indestructible?  Brilliant.  I believe that in his heart Jor-El took this into consideration and knew that if for anything else his son would be safe. Imagine how comforting it would be for you as a parent to allow your child to roam in a location where no harm could possibly befall them.

I really love the score in the trailer too.  It quietly builds in the background as the trailer plays.  Great work. I'm sold so there is no need to see any further trailers.  Anything more will reveal too much and as you should know, you want to save something for the movie.  Should you intend to see it.