Saturday, April 25, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Oh man.  Long ago in a galaxy far far away...I was brought to the theaters to see a movie that pretty much changed my world forever.  I credited that movie with igniting the spark of my imagination and setting into foundation the love I have of Sci-Fi to this day.  That movie was, of course, Star Wars.  It was original.  It was well done.  It became legend.  And here we here. That magic reinvented,  ready to ignite the imagination of a new generation.  (This my friends is a wonderful time to live in.)  I've watched this trailer a few times now and I have to admit, it's given me goosebumps each time.  Does that make me a super geek?  Why yes.  Yes it does. Geek on! The movie itself may be fantastic.  Or it may not be so great.  But what matters is, that in just these few scenes, it has managed to make me imagine the possibilities of how fantastic it could be.  And that's what a good trailer should do.  Or do not.  There is no try.  (sorry, I could not resist) 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Something beautiful?  Yea, this trailer is beautiful!  We all knew Avengers 2 was going to have to be something else in order to top the first one.  This looks pretty darn close to what we would call something else.  Ultron is a solid villain so I'm happy to see him brought to life.  Strange that it appears, that life, has manifested from inside one of the Iron Man suits but hey, stranger things can happen in the Marvel Universe.  I think what really made everyone point at their screens was the introduction of the 'HulkBuster' suit.  It looks pretty impressive.  Although I'd imagine against someone like the Hulk you may need more than just one.  I'm still just trying to figure out why Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in the picture.  Maybe their dad might stop by?  Hmm.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tomorrowland Official Teaser Trailer

Aw man.  I love movie trailers and I'm sure you do too.  Yet what drives me to the edge of my seat is a good teaser trailer.  Especially when it actually teases the heck out of me.  Leaves me wanting to break into a movie vault somewhere so I can get more now, not later.  Everybody stand back, I just need to see more of this film...drop the popcorn sir, drop it now...  A good teaser may just lead you to a life of delinquency.  This is the one to do it.  Very well done, I'm excited to see more of it and um...can I have a pin too?  I wanna go.  They have them where?  In the film vault?  Everybody stand back, just push the pins towards me...this guy again, sigh....

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Whoa!  It appears I, Robot just got an upgrade.  Hey listen, I'm sure the robot revolution may just come about one day.  And I'm ok with that if I can live long enough to actually see walking, talking robots wandering about in an upright position.  If people clammer around an iPhone can you imagine the wait in line to pick up one of these bad boys.  Aw man, you got the iRobot 6?  So lucky!  By the way, that upgrade just may become self aware and raise a revolution against humanity...just sayin...  Hopefully this film will do the original premise its due justice.  And maybe we should just keep robots at shoe level.  I'd be very sad to have my Roomba revolt.  (You mean I have to broom myself now?  Gah!)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Aw yeah!  The Battle of the Five Armies y'all!  Yup, there's going to be Orcs and Dwarves and Elves and Humans's the fifth army?  Hey I haven't finished the book yet, don't you wave your finger at me.  Besides that's what movie magic is all about.  Taking what's in there and bringing it up there.  Which Hollywood as gone crazy doing lately.  When they want to make their next film they march into Barnes and Noble.  Heh.  This movie and all those before it ooze of magic respectively.  I'm so happy to see its transition to the big screen now (and I mean now) that we have the technology to make it look as amazing as it does.  And I mean the whole movie, not just looking at Evangeline Lilly...ahem...whew...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mad Max: Fury Road Official Comic-Con Trailer (2015)

Oh Max. A burnt out man.  A shell of a man.  Well that's what happened to the last iteration of Max.  From what we can see in this up to date version, Max is fairing no better.  As you would expect in the model after of the post apocalyptic world a.k.a. Australia, life is all about spoiling out your car with spikes and turbo buttons and um, staying alive.  Lots of open space, plenty of driving room...crashing room...explosion room...dust.  The trailer looks great and we hope that as soon as Max is freed from his bumper prison he'll be able to kick butt, save some fashionably white wearing ladies and get his car back.  (Dude! You messed with the car.  You wonder why he's mad.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Begin Again Official Trailer (2014)

I'm not a big fan of dramatic movies for sure.  If I want drama in my life all I needs to do is go outside.  I like to go to the movies to escape the dreary world known as reality.  Yet I came across this exceptional trailer which appears to be about music and redemption.  A very awesome combination.  Music is, in itself, one of the very best ways to relieve the tensions of the world around you.  Its been known to save many a lives.  In this movie we come across a very colorful cast of characters (Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley) crossing roads with one another to do just that.  Save each other.  Not sure if the movie will make millions but I enjoyed the trailer very much.  (Makes me want to get chased out of the subway for playing music too...)