Friday, May 17, 2013

Pacific Rim Official (official?) Trailer

OMGoddess! I don't like to usually see too many trailers in the risk of spoiling the best scenes of an upcoming movie.  Let's face it. Usually the trailers have the best sequences the actual movie has to offer.  Sometimes better displayed than the movie itself.  Yet I can't stop taking in these new trailers from Pacific Rim.  I've got a feeling that this movie will have much more to offer than what has already been spoiled by these trailers and that's OK!  I'm still not a fan of the monsters as they could possibly contain unlimited powers which makes for an unfair fight for our robotic creations.  It appears that even in the movie we are forced to upgrade the robot fighters in order to properly fight back.  That makes for exciting stuff of course.  As a gamer there's nothing that makes you more giddy than a righteous power up / upgrade.