Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wolverine

I will admit.  I do suffer from scatterbrain syndrome. Sometimes I can't remember what I did yesterday. But I can remember the full length history of the members of the X-Men. I know. What can you do.  Some people had Shakespeare.  Some people had Niche.  I had the X-Men.  (Would not trade that for the world.)  So each time an X movie took form and life on the big screen my soul would quietly scream with excitement.  Fifty percent of me is amazed that they can bring to life these characters on the big screen. The other fifty percent prays that in doing so they can bring honor to the story that they represent.

And then comes the magic and curse of Hollywood.  They have to do their best to make movie magic but if they find that something does not have enough pizzaz in it for them, they multiply it by 5 and make it 3D!  (I hope that giant is not the Silver Samurai) Not really necessary Hollywood.  Although I will admit they do and have had their moments with all the X-Men films.  I will go on record to say that I thought Bryan Singer did a great job with it all.

So comes The Wolverine (Trailer 2?).  The first trailer kind of gave us a glimpse of the synopsis of the story.  One that does not ring true to me from anything I have ever read.  I don't remember Wolverine wanting to get rid of his mutant power lest of all wanting to become mortal.  Wolverine's problem is that he didn't believe nor could he remember having signed up to have adamantium thrust upon him to make him a human weapon.  The worst problem being that the adamantium caused his body to constantly be at war with the metal inside, fighting its infection, the pain of the claws coming through his hands each time.  It made for a very anger management little Canadian.  I remember that he ended up in Japan to learn of the Samurai ways in order to learn how to control his anger and grief at becoming this living weapon.  The movie looks like its playing along the same lines but I can't really be sure.  I know that if I were immortal and someone offered me the chance to become mortal I would thankfully decline.  Being immortal rocks.  Wouldn't it?