Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mad Max: Fury Road Official Comic-Con Trailer (2015)

Oh Max. A burnt out man.  A shell of a man.  Well that's what happened to the last iteration of Max.  From what we can see in this up to date version, Max is fairing no better.  As you would expect in the model after of the post apocalyptic world a.k.a. Australia, life is all about spoiling out your car with spikes and turbo buttons and um, staying alive.  Lots of open space, plenty of driving room...crashing room...explosion room...dust.  The trailer looks great and we hope that as soon as Max is freed from his bumper prison he'll be able to kick butt, save some fashionably white wearing ladies and get his car back.  (Dude! You messed with the car.  You wonder why he's mad.)