Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big Hero 6

If you look up Disney in the dictionary you will find it means 'magic'.  Really.  Go ahead.  Check. I'll wait.  Ok, maybe it may not say exactly that but you have to admit, just about everything they do or create seems to have an inevitable essence of pure childhood magic.  Thier movies of course are no exception.  Here they go again, creating in a trailer without words, a 1:37 seconds peek into their next venture Big Hero 6.  And at a glance I'm guessing the movie will be about a homemade hero made out of marshmallow (just kidding, I don't know what he's made out of but if I had to guess...) and the assistance of what appears to be probably the first appearance of a 3D printer!  Yep, your kids will one day have one in their room too.  I'm hooked, I'd like to see more.  It's Disney. It's awesome.  It's magic.  (By the way, that's exactly what would happen to me if someone stuffed me into a suit of superhero armor. Just sayin.)