Saturday, January 11, 2014


A while back (not gonna say when) there was a movie called The Lawnmower Man. It was made at the height of our decade when emerging technologies began to pop up in every aspect of our lives. The fear set in where we imagined that indeed a man may one day interface, nay, be seduced by the technology he comes in contact with. By the looks of it, given our current state of affairs, they were not too far off. We are probably only a few steps away of being inside the box we admire so much from the outside. In this movie's case, the character (played by Mr. Depp) is given the opportunity to cross over to the other side by his scientist friends in order to save his consciousness. It appears to sound like a great idea at first. At first. Then that corruption thing sets in and his consciousness appears to become more machine than spirit. Didn't quite work out as cool as Tron did huh? Bummer. That only goes to show you, don't think about going inside the box. Think outside of it. (Ah? Ah?)