Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It really does confuse me when Hollywood decides to reboot a series of something that is not that old in nature. Superman Returns became Man of Steel. Hulk became The Incredible Hulk. And so on. Although I agree the latter movies are made a bit better with stronger story lines or more special effects, each movie has its own good parts. My thought process is that their story lines should continue along a straight path, not go back from where we (or the characters) already came from. That's how I would roll. But alas, now we have The Amazing Spider-Man (formally Spider-Man). The first part rehashed his origin and starred The Lizard which was cool (although they made him the size of a bus). Now onto part two! Looks like Spidey will be dealing with Electro (aka Jamie Foxx!).  Looks great with cool electro bolts shooting out of his hands. Not sure about the whole blue face look though, kinda makes him look aquatic, heh.  Now who is the super armor dude? Green Goblin? Super mecha power go Green Goblin? (is that a horn? Rhino?) Not sure. Guess we'll find out together. The big question is will they actually follow the books history with Gwen Stacy. Hmm? Hmmm?