Thursday, July 11, 2013

ELYSIUM - Official Trailer

The year is 2154.  The rich live on a fancy space outpost living large, happy and healthy.  The poor run around on the dust-ball known as Earth, scrounging for scraps and watching their backs. (Wait. 2154?  Are you sure we're not talking 2013?  Ha!)  This movie has all the looks of awesomeness with Matt Damon and Jodi Foster playing opposites of each other.  The robots servants/police look very cool.  I would actually hope that by the year 2154 we'd manage to have interactive robots be common place.  Although, as you may know, if you make too many of them you run the risk of bringing out that whole I, Robot scenario.  But alas, I digress.  This movie is about the poor sticking it to the man, (er, woman?) as Matt Damon's character looks to don what looks like a cyborg enhancement suit that he may even the playing field in whatever conflict the movie suggests.  (Maybe that's some leftover Stark technology. Hmm.)  The shot of the back of his head kinda looks like a small screen, reminds me of the guy who implanted a camera to the back of his head for whatever reason. (  Either way this looks really good, made by the people who made District 9.  If that movie proved anything is that those folks know how to make a poor looking neighborhood of displacement look gritty and real.  Just looking at Matt Damon's character wants me to go in there and help him out.  Man, pass me me a super suit!  Let's do this!