Saturday, January 25, 2014


Just the word alone caught my eye. Interstellar. I believe that word summarizes the level of space exploration where we should really be at this point and time. At least the beginning stages. It looks to me that this movie explores that possibility. Imagine the mere thought of having the opportunity to reach the vastness of space. Kinda like the movie Contact, where someone provides the blueprints to build a ship giving you the ability to cross into deep space. Who wouldn't build something like that? Why, they got so excited they built two of them! (spoiler!) I'm thinking by the looks of a crying Matthew McConaughey he's been offered the same chance. Or been denied, just like in that Contact movie (spoiled again! I'm just gonna assume you've already seen it, if not, forget what you read here) Either way Christopher Nolan is at the helm so you know this movie will not only be good but will probably keep you wondering about it long after its finished. Or at least until we've also had the chance to go Interstellar! (such a cool word)